And some days I remember, When I try to forget.

I remember how flawed and broken.

I remember how unbreakable I thought we were.

I remember the happiness, mostly i miss the sadness.

I remember exactly how damaged and yet,

I still think about how we were, who we were.

I hope you forget, I hope you never think of me anymore.

Hard to believe Its been so long, doesn’t seem that long ago.

This post is pointless. fuck. shit. screw it.

I’ve had nearly an entire large pot of Starbucks Coffee this morning.

dark roast supposed to be strong and i am still tired.

errrr wakeeeee up.!!! Guess i’ll have some more soon. :p

#AddictedToCaffiene #Sleepyhead #StarbucksCoffee

Post is pointless. But the weather is freaking beautiful. Feels like Fall.!

I’m going to be one very broke girl soon.

This whole collection has me absolutely giddy and insane with lust.

want. want. wanttttt.

I actually saw some of the line in The Disney Store today, not these beauties, 

But other pieces and man if i had a full wallet i would have emptied it.

I’d like the whole collection, but for the price it wont happen,

would love at least 4, But even that is pushing it,

Maybe two. I’d be happy with two. Maleficent and Ursula would be my top picks. Then Evil Queen and Mother Gothel. Queen Of Hearts & Cruella de Vil are just not my favorites of the dolls. beautiful none the less, but for the price i cant justify it.

I want the mugs, and tees too. and a few other goodies.

I may just be spoiling myself soon. or maybe my husband will.

Binge Eating. 
Its like being addicted to drugs
and trying to kick it. 
But you need food to live,
So you have to have a little, 
its like an addict trying to have a little of the drugs
without relapse or overdose.
An addiction to food. 
used to cope and cover pain.
A nightly fight, a daily battle,
my disease.?
I never wanted this,
starve or binge. I never win. 
Ramblings Inside my head last night.

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